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Nurse-Family Partnership is an evidence-based, voluntary program that provides home visitation by a nurse to first-time mothers by the 28th week of pregnancy. Nurse-Family Partnership works by having specially trained nurses regularly visit first-time moms-to-be, starting early in the pregnancy, continuing through the child’s second birthday. The expectant moms benefit by getting the care and support they need in order to have a healthy pregnancy. At the same time, new moms develop a close relationship with a nurse who becomes a trusted resource they can rely on for advice on everything from safely caring for their child to taking steps to provide a stable, secure future for their new family. Throughout the partnership, the nurse provides new moms with the confidence and the tools they need not only to assure a healthy start for their babies, but to envision a life of stability and opportunities for success for both mom and child.


The content of home prenatal and
postpartum visits is governed by:

  • Personal Health

  • Environmental Health

  • Life Course

  • Maternal Role

  • Friends and Family

  • Health and Human Services


The home visiting initiative was established in Section 2951 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148) amending Title V of the Social Security Act. The Florida MIECHV program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HRSA #D90MC25705).

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Yodelis' Story

Yodelis was 16 when she got pregnant and she was embarrassed and confused. She was living with her mom and was the youngest in the family. She had no idea how she was going to be a mom. She relied on nurse Andrea for information on how to handle her pregnancy, what to expect in childbirth and how to care for little Nathan when he arrived.

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La’Quana’s Story

She was barely 16 when her son, Marques, was born and since her pregnancy went undiagnosed for months, she had little time to get used to the idea of motherhood. She was using birth control and, always slender and petite, had gained little weight.


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