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At the Helm

Marisa Mowat, MPH | Executive Director

Healthy Start Program

Leisa Stanley, PhD | Associate Executive Director

Cherith Belmonte | Manager of Programs &
Quality Improvement

Pia Balter-Manley | Administrative Assistant

Nancy Hankin | Community Liaison –

Provider Relations, Legislative

Julie Williamson | Community Liaison –

Provider Relations

Healthy Start Coalition Operations

Catherine Fuhrman | Director of Operations

& Nurse-Family Partnership

Jonna Johnson, MA | Communications Manager

Jack Tevnan | Information Technology Manager

Sandy Cox | Marketing & HR Coordinator



Sheryl Kennedy, CPA | Director of Finance

Diana Williams | Senior Staff Accountant

Kay Cannon | Staff Accountant

Healthy Families Hillsborough

Barbara Macelli | Program Manager

Michele Cotis | Quality Assurance Manager

Carmen Siegfried | Supervisor

Jennifer Diaz | Family Intake Data QA Coordinator

Lisa Conwell | Family Intake Data Specialist

Nicole Bruce | Family Engagement Specialist

Fiorella Sacconi | Family Engagement Specialist

Iris Acosta | Family Engagement Specialist

Maggy Saad | Family Engagement Specialist

Amanda Caminero | Supervisor

Angela Arias | Behavioral Health Navigator

Stewart Gaines | Family Support Specialist

Sara Shockley | Family Support Specialist

Mara Melendez Velez | Family Support Specialist

Jessica Riley | Family Support Specialist

Adolescent & Teen Health

Danielle Lewald, MPH, CPH | Program Manager

Tanner Cobb | Adolescent Health Peer Navigator

Sophia DeGroat | Adolescent Health Peer Navigator

PEDI Clinic & Services

Melissa Hanniman, BSN, RN, CTSS | Lead Nurse

Becca White, RN | Nurse Home Visitor

Nakisha Nicaisse | Family Intake QA/QI Coordinator


Safe Baby & Community Education & Outreach

Lisa Colen, MHA | Director

Jessica Reynolds | Community Outreach Manager

Beatrice Valentin | Family Intake Coordinator

Paola Galarza | Child Fatality Prevention Specialist


​Woman & Infant Resource Specialists at WIC

Melissa Asencio, MBA | Program Manager

Shaconda Rice | Lead WIRS @ WIC

Adriana Maldonado | WIRS @ WIC

Ragdah Ali | WIRS @ WIC

Fadwa Ali-Ibarra | WIRS @ WIC

Marisa Morley | WIRS @ WIC

Karina Celis | WIRS @ WIC

Ada Rosario Rodriguez | WIRS @ WIC

Jada Gilbert | WIRS @ WIC

Vanessa Morejon-Campos | WIRS @ WIC


Ligia Vigo | HealthySteps Supervisor

Iris Arias | HealthySteps Specialist

Lyanne Arias | HealthySteps Specialist

Darlyns Garcia | HealthySteps Specialist

Cecillia Carothers | HealthySteps Specialist

Sarena Saez Rodriguez | HealthySteps Specialist

Marie Nunez | HealthySteps Specialist

Yajaira Torres | HealthySteps Specialist

Karen Reese | HealthySteps Specialist

Natalie Simpson | HealthySteps Specialist

Viviana Dieppa | HealthySteps Specialist

Rilee Wagner | HealthySteps Specialist

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